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WK3 & 4 of the 52WK Challenge


I've been wanting to do a high fashion shoot for a while now so i decided to do one for our weekly challenge. I've been inspired by a photographer friend of mine Sam ( IG: @samcullenphotography ) to shoot with a flash on location. I played around with his Godox ad200 and soon enough i bought my own and it's been one of the best equipment i've ever bought!

Shooting on location with a flash is such a game changer. It can really make your subject pop! Here's a photo of Sam's work on the left.


This collaborative shoot was with another photographer friend of mine Vanesa (@vanesastojicphotography)

Sam and the model Dana (@puredarksilk) It was my 2nd time using an off camera flash on a location!

I chose a rooftop for this one to get some buildings for the background. It was a cloudy day which gave us the perfect defused lighting.

The Godox AD200 is a powerful light but the settings that we had for it was still

on full power.

BTS of the location and the one light set up.

W E E K 3

Model: Summer ( @summer.holl )

MUA: Sheridan ( @mua_sheridan )

Concept Designer: Franz

High Fashion, Flash on location

Location: Citipark, Perth (carpark next to Tiger Lil's)

Films @franzdiary


Summer killed this shoot, this has got to be my favourite one so far.

Can we appreciate her make up though that Sheridan did?! Sheridan's work is incredible and is one of my favourite mua out there.


Model: Ashleigh ( @ashmj )

MUA: Rose ( @studiochaii )

Concept Designer: Jana/Ash

Model plans the shoot.

Location: Cottesloe Beach

TOP : Franz


There was a cool yellow striped table that matched her hair tie or whatever you want to call it.

Then Jana getting in my shots!

We got some ice-cream after the shoot! Gelato Bar also does the best acai bowls 🤤

& a pretty good sunset next to the beach while you're having your dessert!