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Gel lights - Week 6 of our 52WK Challenge

W E E K 6

Model: Elizabeth ( @dancearoundtheroom )

MUA: Britney ( @brujabrit )

Concept Designer: Franz

Coloured Gel Lights

Location: Jana's house

Coloured Gel Lights Photoshoot was a tricky one at the start. Originally the location for this shoot was on a carpark in the city but we have miscommunicated so we had set up in Jana's little hallway instead, although we made it work! Here's the space we worked in.

2 speed lights were used. One that bounced off the wall and one directly at the model. Setting it up was a tricky one as we tried to get the shadows right and the way one colour hit. It was definitely a challenge for us but having a great model made the job easier!



W E E K 8

Model: Kamille ( @kamillemannn )


Style: Kamille

Street Wear

Location: Greenhills rooftop, Philippines

As some of you may have noticed, we missed week 7 because I went to Philippines for 2 weeks to visit my family. Although i still did a shoot the following week and the challenge was to find a stranger and do a shoot with them. I was shooting with my cousin and we thought we'd go on a rooftop to get some of the golden hour. As we were shooting, we saw Kamille and her friends doing a mini shoot. I liked her outfit so i went over and asked if she would be interested to shoot. I showed them my instagram and explained that i was doing a weekly shoot. She said yes and we started shooting just before the sun went down. Here are some shots that we got.

Same place, different day. I asked her again if she wanted to shoot again some other time and so we did but i only used my film camera this time. Film camera gives such a cool vibe. We got told off that we weren't allowed to shoot around the place and that we needed to get a permit... which didn't really matter because we got some cool shots just before we got told off!

Here are the photos of my cousin just before we met some cool people!

DM @franzdiary if you would like to be part of this 52 week challenge!

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