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I saw someone taking photos everyday for a 2020 challenge so i thought i'd do the same thing especially during this time.

7th April 2020

wine & donuts for snacks

I've been using my airpods a lot. I can listen to music anywhere in the house, watch movies etc without disturbing anyone. Although it does hurt my head sometimes when i use it for too long. Maybe the radiation of these fries my brain, who knows. I have a tip that you may or may not know about airpods & apple tv though. Did you know you can connect your airpod to your apple TV?! Press & Hold down the start/pause button then you should be able to see your airpod name, click and bam you are connected! I use a monitor with no speaker so this was helpful for me!

My little brother keeping me company.

I edited a few photos from my trip last year to Philippines.

I'm practicing how to edit underwater photos! I shot all my underwater photos with my GoPro in Jpeg which makes it harder for me to edit. Any tips on how to edit or free dive would be greatly appreciated!

Sam waiting for me to take him out for a walk.

I eventually took him out and the sky put on a little show. One of the good thing about this isolation/quarantined life is you'll always be able to see the sunset!

I hope everyone is following all the rules and staying safe out there!

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