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52WK Photoshoot Challenge


So I've thought of making a blog for each shoot to give you guys more details on what's going behind all of the shoots.

It started off when i posted on facebook something about shooting once a week for the whole year and that gave Jana ( IG: @billieandpeaches ) the idea to shoot together once a week for the whole year, alternatively planning the shoot.

This was such a good idea as it'd be good to be able to connect with more creatives (models, stylist, make up artists, videographers etc). Learn something from each other and to improve our skills, well mostly mine!

Here are some of our work!

W E E K 1

Model: Cassie - @cassieryper

MUA: Tegan - @teganmarie_makeup

Concept Designer - @billieandpeaches Wet/Beach Hair look, Bold make up

Location: Rockingham

TOP - @franzdiary

BOTTOM - @billieandpeaches

more photos on our instagram

When i moved to Perth 9 months ago, I hired @parkerandstone studio quite a lot which Jana owned. I blew one of her strobe light somehow and thats how we became friends 😂 Since then i've always loved shooting in the studio! Here's a studio shoot.

W E E K 2

Model: Cailan - @cailangumina

MUA: Shannon - @shannon_mcdougall89

Concept Designer - @franzdiary

Beauty shoot, 1 light set up

Location: Digidirect Cannington

TOP - @franzdiary

BOTTOM - @billieandpeaches

more photos on our instagram

See more of my blogs on my website @

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