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The Philippines

Philippines was such a crazy, adventure packed holiday for me. I stayed in Philippines for one month and i got a lot of things done from going out clubbing, swimming with the whale sharks, relaxing while sipping on cocktails and many more! 

The first adventure we did was in Cebu and i customised some of the things with no problem, here is the itinerary that we had; 

Day 1 

Pescador Island Hopping

Sardines Run

Sea Turtle Encounter

Fish Sanctuary

Kawasan Falls


Osmeña Peak

Day 2 

Whale shark

Sumilon Island

Tumalog Falls

Carcar Pasalubong

This tour was hassle free, cheap, and will literally get you close to those whale sharks and sardines. If you are interested on this Cebu tour i highly recommend Kean Clinton  from

We also had 2 free days after the tour to do our own thing so we visited the Temple of Leah, 10,00 roses, Sirao Garden and we did go karts! 

Grab which is like Uber was the transport we used a lot to get around the city.

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Coron Palawan

oron, Palawan is one of the most popular place in Philippines where you see limestones towering up to 500+ meters high! There are 3 parts of Palawan which are El Nido, Puerto Princessa and Coron and they all have it's own beauty. I did a tour with TripditoTravel and heres the itinerary that we had; 

Coron island Tour B
Barracuda Lake

Smith Beach

Skeleton Wreck

Twin Lagoon

Reef garden

Calauit safari Tour E 
Calauit Wildlife sanctuary

Ocam ocam Beach

Busuanga town proper

Concepcion Falls

Malbato Church


This was a decent tour, we arrived and everything was well organised. The price of the tour was okay, i upgraded our room to a better one. The Calauit safari tour made it a little pricey as well but it was worth getting to feed the giraffes and getting up so close to them! I suggest staying in Coron for at least 5 or more days to be able to do more tour as there are heaps of things to see. All of the tours goes for the whole day. In my opinion if you don't fancy feeding a giraffe and seeing 4-5 other animals then i wouldn't do the Calauit tour for sure as the other things included in it didn't really fancy me. 



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