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Canada has been one of the best trip i've done yet. Usually i would pay to join a tour because i'd be too scared to find ways and do my own things. This time i went outside my bubble! I planned everything and had an itinerary but i ended up ditching it and just went with the flow. I hired a car in Vancouver which was the scariest thing as they are on the other side of the road and the vehicle. I actually got a couple of beeps around Vancouver but i got used to driving around after a couple of days. 

The first 3 days i ventured around Vancouver, although i didn't get to do much because i was recovering from sickness, I walked around the city and skated around Stanley Park.

I headed to Whistler for a night (only 1 night because i booked an accomodation in Kamloops already and i couldn't cancel it for free) then to Jasper after but i did a stop in Kamloops overnight in between. I decided to spend 2 nights in Jasper because i met someone who worked at the information centre and took me to one of the hill which is overlooking the whole Jasper town and he had told me which mountains are good to hike! 

I was told by many to take the Icefield Parkway on the way to Banff so i did and to be honest, that 3 and a half hour drive (288 km/ 179 miles) took me at least 5-6 hours of driving because of how beautiful it really was! The mountains peaking on the side of the road, hikes/walks in between and sceneries were just insane! 

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